Ever wonder how the professionals can “Flip the switch” and get psychic or intuitive messages on a moments notice? 

Ever wonder how you can instantly activate your intuition?  

Practiced psychics or intuitives all have a “Tell” or way that they “flip the switch” to instantly connect with their intuitive abilities.  

Some psychics doodle with a pen, others will rub their hands together. 

Still others will bite their lip, or hum, or close their eyes. 

One of my dear friends rubs her index finger and thumb together anytime she wants to get a clear message. 


I look up.  

When I look up I “See” the information clear as day!

I also begin to get feelings and knowings that come right along with what I see.

So how can you develop and discover your own “Tell” or “On Switch” to your intuition?

Exploring and Play! 

A “Tell” (in poker) is something someone does that others can see, to indicate a good hand. This isn’t just in poker, this happens when folks are in love, scared and everything in between. If you look at your favorite psychic while they’re reading, you’ll notice, over time, what their “Tell” is for them. 

Before I give you the two simple steps, let me explain a bit about HOW you can get messages in the first place. 

Messages are nothing more than information that come to us via vibrational frequencies, which are received by your energy field.

Once you know what “Frequency” to tune in to (much like a radio) you can flip the switch any time. 

There are many ways we receive intuitive / psychic messages.  Messages come to us in the form of a “Clair”.  

“Clair” means Clear: [Which one do you think you are?].

  • Clair-Voyance – Clear Seeing – You will see your messages or information in your minds eye or with your physical eyes. You may see a billboard, magazine or website that delivers a message to you that is clear as day. 
  • Clair-Audience  – Clear Hearing – You will hear an audible message with your ears, over hear a conversation that answers your question, words to a song etc.. that bring or deliver a message to you. 
  • Clair-Sentience – Clear Sensing – You will have a strong feeling in your physical body that will be so pronounced that you can’t help but acknowledge it.  This is your “Gut feeling”, that ache or pain that wasn’t there before, that feeling of dread, fear or any other feeling that .. is an indicator that there is information coming in. Pay closer attention to it and you will understand the meanings behind and within those feelings. 
  • Clair-Cognizance – Clear Thinking or Knowing – You will have a spontaneous thought or knowing about something or someone in your life.  This information rarely has a logical explanation to back it up. Over time your “knowings” will come to pass and you often say “I knew that was going to happen!”
  • Clair-Gustance – Clear Tasting – You will taste things in your mouth such as blood, bitter, sweet, sour etc… with each taste you will get a distinct piece of information. 
  • Clair-Fragrant – Clear Smelling – You will smell flowers, cigarettes, wood, leather etc.. with each smell you will get a distinct piece of information.  This “clair” as well as clari-gustance are both closely related to Meduimship and connecting with those who have crossed over. 

Which “Clair” did you identify most with?

What messages have you gotten in the past that thought to yourself “I knew that was going to happen!”

Here are a two steps to help you develop your own “On Switch” for your Intuition.

Step 1: Use your imagination and sense of wonderment. Activating your sense of wonderment gives Spirit center stage and will directly connect you to your higher / intuitive self.  It will help ego get out of the way so your messages can be more clearly defined for you. You can do this by simply asking a question, out loud, that you want to know the answer to.

Say “I Wonder…..(fill in the blank)”

Then wait….

Step 2: Pay attention to what your body, and the space around it does as you begin to get the answer to your question.  You’ll begin to get understanding of HOW you receive messages.

Notice what you naturally do as the answer comes to you.

The more you do this the more clear your “Tell” or your “On Switch” will be for you.

This week, play around with the “I wonder….” question and see how many answers you get.

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Flora Sage
Certified Life Coach
For more than 2 decades Flora has been helping women create massive breakthroughs and lasting change in their lives and business through The 1º Shift Method.