What is a Spiritual Coach

1. What is a Spiritual Coach?

A Spiritual Coach is often known as a “Life Coach for Spiritual People” or as “Spiritual Life Coach” – The goal for spiritual coaching is to assist the client gain the clarity, courage and confidence to live the life they know they are meant to live. They do this by helping them tune into their intuition (aka, inner knowing, inner guidance system.) so they can better navigate their everyday life in an empowered way. 

A spiritual coach will work on the client’s personal transformation – The client will learn to clearly see and understand things from a new perspective, and will be able to understand where their feelings, needs and desires are coming from and through this new awareness will enter into a new way to navigate their life. From this new place true magic happens for the client and things they have wanted to manifest for years, begin manifesting for them. 

Reach your full potential and find true happiness with Spiritual Coaching – Spiritual coaching will inspire the client to find their true desires and the drivers to those desires. Once this deep clarity is uncovered, deep joy and happiness emerges for the client. 

In other words, spiritual coaching is about helping the client to reach his/her full potential and blossom from inside. A spiritual coach can help you be the person you truly are; free from any limitations created by you ”ego”.

2. Do I need a Spiritual Coach?

If you are unsure whether or not spiritual coaching can help you, answer the following questions: 

  1. Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? 
  2. Have you been seeking happiness through material and external things, without ever feeling true and deep happiness? 
  3. Are you looking for higher ways of being and a deeper / clear connection with source energy?
  4. Do you seek deeper answers to your questions other than the surface answers? 

If the answer is yes, you may want to consider spiritual coaching. But what can a personal coach actually do for you?

Spiritual Coaching teaches you to listen to your ”inner voice” – This guidance system, called your ”inner voice” or “Intuition” knows what’s best for you and can support you to be in harmony with your personal purpose in life. Spiritual coaching sessions will help you understand  that your inner voice is just as important as your thoughts and can be used as a clear road map through life.

Find clarity and inner strength with Spiritual Coaching – Spiritual coaching sessions will teach you how to uncover what has been keeping you stuck for so long in your life. It will help you understand where your feelings and needs come from, and allow you to take the inspired actions, you know you are ready to take, so you can have the life you’re ready to live. 

Spiritual Coaching guides you towards your deep peace, happiness and joy – A personal coach can teach you how to find true joy within yourself, without having to depend on external things. Spiritual life coaching sessions can inspire you to live your life in full consciousness, appreciation and joy.

3. What can I ask a Spiritual Coach?

The sky is the limit! Spiritual Coaching helps you find clarity in all areas of your life. Spiritual coaching sessions can help you find clarity in any area of your life. You can also seek a Spiritual Life Coach if you want to work on broader areas in your life, in order to find more clarity and direction. 

The reason for visiting a Spiritual Coach can be the feeling of something missing in your life, even though it seems like you have everything, looking from the outside. If you have this empty feeling, a Spiritual Life Coach can help you find true joy without depending on material things or other persons to make you happy. Spiritual coaching sessions will inspire you to find true joy within yourself and live a life in full consciousness. In other words, any client with any agenda can be coached with a spiritual approach.

4. How does a Spiritual Coach work?

When a client books a session, they state what their current desire is, that they would like help on with the aid of the Spiritual Coach. 

During the session, the Spiritual coach will connect with a client both on a personal level and a spiritual / energetically level. Once the connection is made the coach will then ask the client a series of questions to find out more about the main focus for the client and what the blocks are that are keeping the client from achieving this goal. All the while tuning into the energy of the client, and using their intuition to guide the conversation on what to explore and focus on during the session. 

A Spiritual Coach is no ”Guru” and doesn’t judge – A Spiritual Life Coach is not a ”Guru”, and doesn’t need to know more about spirituality than the client. A Spiritual Life Coach doesn’t have to be a ”spiritual teacher” or a ”guide”. It’s important, though, that a Spiritual Life Coach has an active spiritual life, and knows how to surrender to “spirit” and let the spirit guide his/her thoughts, decisions and actions. A Spiritual Coach has also a developed intuition and knows the difference between intuitive information and judgment or opinion. A Spiritual Coach is guided by ”The Spirit” and stays detached to outcome during the spiritual coaching sessions.

A Spiritual Coach has integrity – A Spiritual Life Coach has good boundaries and continually builds his/her integrity. A personal coach works with the client’s own beliefs, and never preaches or tries to convert a client to a religious or spiritual belief. The client’s own beliefs are encouraged by the Spiritual Life Coach and works as guidelines for the client’s own decision-making and actions.

5. How is Spiritual Coaching Different than a Reading? 

A reading is simply that, it’s when the Spiritual Coach or Reader, “Reads” the energy of the person receiving the reading. There are very little exploratory questions asked and is simply relaying only what the Divine has to share with the client. 

Coaching on the other hand is a joint connection between the coach, client and spirit to create clarity around the clients life and situation and gives / creates a clear and empowered path forward. 

6. What about Spiritual Coaching Qualifications?

Life coaching is an unregulated industry and is not tied to a state or federal governing body. Social workers, therapists, etc, are regulated by state and federal mandates due to the nature of their work.  There are agencies, however, who are self-appointed bodies that try to bring some structure and streamlined standards to the profession of life coach training and credentialing. There are many other agencies, institutes and schools who are not attached to these self-appointed bodies that hold varying levels of standards.  

Anyone can call themselves a “Life Coach” regardless of their background or training. Most coaching certifications are offered and obtained through; private institutes, schools, or colleges, each having their own modality, coaching model, level of standards and ethics. 

Most clients choose coaches based on personality, energy and rapport, not on a certification. Obtaining and earning a certification from a reputable institute, however, can give you the confidence in your coaching practice and a sustainable framework for your coaching practice. 

If a Spiritual Coach chooses to become certified the following are examples of the most popular credentials: 

  1. Certified Spiritual Coach (C.S.C)
  2. Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  3. Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  4. Master Certified Coach (MCC)

To obtain these credentials, the coach must have 500-2500 hours of client coaching experience. 

7. What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching vs Therapy

This is a hot topic for many in the industry regarding what the difference is between Therapy and Coaching.  Both hold value for whom they serve. 

A few definitions of each are: 

  1. Therapy = To explore the past in depth to gain wisdom and insights about the current state of mind.
  2. Therapy = Is about uncovering and recovering


  1. Coaching = To empower your client(s) with tools and a plan of action to move forward in their life and spiritual practice.  
  2. Coaching = Is about discovery and gaining the clarity, courage and confidence to have the life we desire. 

8. What is the difference between traditional life coaching and spiritual coaching? 

Traditional Life Coaching vs Spiritual Coaching 

Traditional Life coaching is based on “action”, meaning the client hires a coach to help them achieve a specific goal through various actions.  Often times during these coaching sessions underlying issues that come up are not addressed and the only topic at hand is to achieve a particular goal.  Many times, however, once the goal is achieved, or a particular number of sessions have been attended, the coaching/client relationship is over and the client is left feeling unfulfilled even after having reached the agreed upon goal.  Traditional coaching revolves around asking open-ended questions to the client giving them the opportunity to uncover the answers for themselves; the coach rarely offering suggestions to the client.  This often times leaves the client feeling frustrated at the lack of options they feel is available to them. 

Spiritual coaching is based on “Inspired Action”, meaning that the client hires a coach to help them achieve a specific goal through various actions. (Similar to traditional coaching)  Keeping the goal in mind and reviewing it often, the coach and client work together to find inspired actions (as mentioned previously) that supports the client in achieving the goal and addressing underlying issues that come up along the way.  Once the goal is achieved the client feels confident, fulfilled and ready to move towards achieving another goal.  While open-ended questions are a big part of Spiritual Empowerment coaching as well, the Spiritual Coach allows intuition to play a big role in the process. This allows room for the Divine to come into play. 

Underlying issues are often not addressed by traditional life coaches for fear it steps into the territory of therapy.  Spiritual Coaches, however, know that emotional underlying issues often cause someone to pull back and keep him or herself from achieving their goals.  Because Spiritual Coaches approach the underlying issues, not from a therapeutic stance, but from a Spiritual one; in which we honor the emotions that are present, and explore the possibilities of clearing or embracing those issues through spiritual practices and inspired actions.  When these underlying issues are cleared and addressed the client is more willing to take inspired actions toward their desired goals. Thus creating a greater sense of fulfillment in their life and their practice as well as a greater sense of achievement when they do reach their desired goal.

To Sum Up: 

Spiritual Coaching works in tandem with the client and Source energy to create a clarity for the client and an empowered roadmap to navigate through life with.

Flora Sage
Certified Life Coach
For more than 2 decades Flora has been helping women create massive breakthroughs and lasting change in their lives and business through The 1º Shift Method.