What are energy cords?

As you move through your life, you form attachments to other people, places, and events. These attachments will create what’s called an energy cord, or a tie between you and that other person, place, or event creating an energetic connection. 

You most likely have cords attached to you from your family members, friends, partners/lovers, exes, coworkers, neighbors, and others that you may have met for a short time, that made an emotional impact on you. 

You may also have connections to you from places or events that are associated with past traumas, a hard relationship, or heavy emotions for you, these will show up as negative cords. 

These attachments can weigh you down, especially if they hold a negative emotional space for you. 

The impact of energy cords

Energy cords that attach to you from another person, whether from a past or current relationship or your present or past experiences, have many different meanings and can impact you greatly. 

If you have a cord attached to you from a positive experience, then the impact that has on you and your life will be an empowering one. 

However, if you have an energetic cord that is from a negative experience, the impact can be very disempowering. 

These unhealthy energetic connections typically start in the solar plexus chakra, which is the space that houses the power center that allows us to create ties and bonds with others. You may experience mental drain, sexual tension, lack of connection with a partner, or the inability to have healthy relationships.

Many people who have these unhealthy feelings experience a draining energetic connection with another person or lack of connection with others and undergo a drain of their self-power and emotional energy.

What is Cord Cutting?

The spiritual practice of “cord-cutting” has been around for some time, and I have seen post after post instructing people how to do it.

I’ll break down and explore every aspect of this practice for you so you’ll be more confident in incorporating it into your spiritual practice. 

Before we look at cutting cords, let’s briefly look at energy! 

Energy is all around us, both positive and negative. 

Everything on the planet is energetically tied together. Because we are all connected, we become influenced by both positive and negative energy.

This energy that we encounter can attach to us in the form of cords. 

How do you cut energy cords?

The practice of cord-cutting is more popular than ever before; however, cutting cords is one of the most dangerous things you can do. 

Cords are like roots, think of a dandelion in your yard. When you cut the top off, it will come back bigger than before.

When you cut a cord in the same way, you sever the tie between you and the other person, place, or event, but the attachment is still there. 

What happens after cord cutting?

Because this is so traumatic to your energy field, it can cause a host of problems. When you cut the cord between you and someone you are in a relationship with, a previous partner/lover, or any other connection, you are breaking free from those connections. This makes it very hard to connect with others deeply from then on.

Every energetic cord has connections that create feelings, emotions, and a ripple effect in your life. When these are cut, you create a space or void, that may negatively impact the quantum field.

Side effects of cord-cutting: 

  • Relationship problems
  • Money problems
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling disconnected spiritually 
  • Inability to move forward
  • Having a hard time sticking with things
  • Communication issues with people
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Bodily aches (at the site where the cord was cut)
  • Low revenue for your business
  • and a whole host of BS

So if you shouldn’t cut energetic cords… what should you do instead?

Why is cord-cutting dangerous?

Energetic cords connecting loved ones and others in our lives, both positive and negative, serve us for a time. These cords allow us to learn, grow, deepen our understanding of life, and gain wisdom.

We truly know it is the right time to do a clearing when we realize these attachments are negatively impacting our lives.

Untrained healers will take the quick solution and prematurely cut cords for people, only to have the client come back with the same problems they so desperately wanted to cut from their lives. 

As mentioned earlier, cutting cords before you’re ready can cause the initial problem or issue to come back bigger than before… creating an even more negative impact on you. 

Many offer cord-cutting services by means of: 

  • Spells
  • Rituals
  • Meditations
  • Ceremonies

These services will be spiritually or emotionally focused, or they may center around romance or a particular relationship.  

They all can have a hugely negative impact on you and your emotions and relationships. 

Removing energy cords

The simplest way to remove an energy cord is to pull it out starting at the surface of the skin where it exits the physical body. This will release the negative bond and clear the connections seamlessly.

If you are in tune with your intuition, you will intuitively “know” where the cord is on your being. 

You may not trust your intuition enough to feel confident to remove your own cords. If that is the case, find a trusted healer that you resonate with that does cord removal to assist you with this. 

Anatomy of an Energy Cord

Let’s explore the release of the cords that are no longer serving you, without cutting them (which causes trauma in the space they once were).

To truly release these cords that are connected, we must look at the anatomy of these ties.

As a Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Intuitive, and Energy Healer who has been doing this work for over a decade, I can tell you that a cord looks like a series of roots. Some roots are very thick, some look like bulbs, and some are very fine and hair-like. Some look like spirals with hooks that are wrapped within the body around organs and bones while others are just on the surface.

When you cut a cord, you are removing the top — not the entire thing. Because it was not fully removed in the first place, it will grow back bigger than before!

The best time to do cord removal

You may be wondering when the best time to do a cord removal is. The short answer is anytime is a great time! We can develop cords of attachment every day. Having a regular practice of removing cords will help keep your energy clear and give you less energetic weight to carry around. 

Other important times to do a cord removal are after a divorce, breakup, or the death of a loved one, including pets. If you have recently gone through a legal endeavor that has finally come to a close, do this to get a fresh start. 

Anytime you have a vehicle or other accident or trauma happen, a cord removal session will help you clear the cords that have just formed to keep them from interfering with your life in any way. 

If you have recently had a sickness, illness, surgery, or if you’ve been in the hospital or clinic for any type of medical procedure, doing a cord removal will remove any type of dense energy cords that may have formed during that procedure or illness. 

In your relationships, platonic or romantic, it is best to do a cord removal anytime there has been a disagreement of any kind. This will keep the space between you and the other person clear. Doing this will help your communication with the other person be more productive and the positive flow connected with you both. 

In your work, anytime someone on your team has been fired or you’ve been a part of office conflict or gossip, clear the cords and remove that energy as soon as possible. When you start or complete a project, clear the energy from that project that may be weighing you down.

Anytime you have a challenge or are ready to start fresh, a cord-cutting may be beneficial. 

Trust your intuition to tell you when’s the perfect time for you to do a cord removal for yourself. 

Cord Cutting / Removal Meditation

To help you remove the energy cords that are ready to be cleared, I’ve created a cord removal meditation outlined below. 

Use this anytime you would like to shift out of the negative energies that are tethered to you by the energy cords you currently have. 

Sit in a comfortable position, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply in through your nose and slowly out your mouth. 

Once you feel yourself slow down mentally and physically, remove your hand from your heart and place your hands gently on your lap. 

Allow your breath to flow in and out of your lungs freely. 

After a few moments of calm, gentle breathing, call upon the help of the Divine to assist you in this meditation. 

“I welcome (God, Goddess, Source Energy, Universe, My Spirit Guides, Angels, etc.) to be with me today and assist me in removing all cords that no longer serve me.” 

Breathe deeply in and out as you trust that the God, Source Energy, Universe is surrounding you and divinely guiding you in the process. 

Next, state your intention either out loud or silently in your head that you are now going to remove all the cords that are ready to be removed. 

Using your intuition, let your mind’s eye begin to “see, sense, feel or know” exactly where the cord is. 

These may show up as glowing or may show up as a dark black sticky… no matter how they show up for you, trust that what you are feeling is accurate. 

With the aid of your intuition and your mind’s eye, see yourself gently removing the cords, one by one. Do this by carefully pulling the cord out at the surface of the skin. Allow yourself to fully trust in your intuition and the spiritual guidance Spirit is giving you during this time. 

If you are unable to visualize this, please know that using your intention and the belief of your intention, this process will work for you. Let yourself imagine the images in your mind.

Once you energetically sense that all the cords have been removed, envision you’re being wrapped in a ball of blue and purple light. This light will act as a source of healing for your energy field and your physical body. 

Breathe in deeply and feel this light wrapping around you like a cocoon, knowing that you are now free from those dense cords that once held you back. 

Place your hand back on your heart and say, “Thank you (God, Goddess, Source Energy, Universe, My Spirit Guides, Angels, etc.) for being with me today and assisting me with removing the cords that no longer serve me.” 

Remove your hand from your heart and place it back on your lap. 

Once you feel complete, take a deep belly breath in, and as you exhale, open your eyes. 

Allow yourself to sit quietly for a moment and notice how much lighter you feel now that all the dense energy cords are no longer attached to you.

Aftercare instructions and things to note

Energy cord removal should be treated as a type of surgery, and you must allow yourself time to adjust to the shift in your energy. 

Your energy will take a few days to recalibrate to your new, higher vibrational frequency, which will feel much lighter now that the dense energy you once carried is removed. 

Once your session is complete, drink a glass of water and take a nap if you can. As you are resting, imagine your body wrapped in the healing light.

Taking an Epsom salt bath is also a very calming and healing activity for you to do to aid in the space of recalibration. If are unable to take a bath or are more of a shower person, I would recommend a nice warm shower to help relax and center your mind.

Benefits and side effects of cord removal

After you remove cords, you may notice that you are now sleeping better, your anxiety is lowered, you’ll be more relaxed, and that it is easier for you to make decisions. 

You may also notice that you crave less junk food or sugar, that you do less emotional eating, and that you crave less alcohol. 

Relationships will start to be more enjoyable, and you may have fewer arguments or disagreements. 

Lastly you may notice that things from your past, that you have cleared the cords from, may resurface in you mind… these are clearing from you energy bodies and are just coming up to clear… not to be rehashed…

Overall, you will just feel better than you have in a very long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the cord removal process. 

Q: How often should I do a cord removal? 

A: As often as you like. Think of it as taking a shower for your energy field. Many clients do them on the Full or New Moon, others will do it weekly, while others prefer once a month. 

Q: Is it okay to remove a cord to someone close to me like my mom or dad or friend? 

A: Yes, it is okay to remove the dense energy cord from people you love. These cords are the things that cause us pain and discomfort and force us to remain in old cycles. Removing them will help you move on from trauma and unpleasant experiences. They will not remove that person from your life, only the heavy energy from that relationship.

Q: When the energy cords (from someone in my past) are gone, will I still think of them or will they still be in my life? 

A: Removing cords will remove the energetic charge you have regarding someone from your past (or present), it will not remove a person from your life! So you may still think of the person, but the emotional baggage will no longer weigh you down as much as it has previously.

Q: Will the cords come back after I remove them? 

A: No! The cords will not come back once you remove them properly, BUT you may get new cords if you experience trauma, sickness, or other low-energy events. In that case, just do another cord removal (as explained in the free gift below).

Q: Can I remove a cord for someone else, like an ex, without their permission? 

A: No. I would not recommend it. Energy cords form to mark a place in time that was emotionally impactful for each person involved. That can be just you or someone else. You are in charge of your energy only and are not responsible for someone else’s healing. I personally feel it is unethical to do any type of energy work on someone else without their permission. Especially if the person doing the energy work on someone else is not officially trained in that healing modality. 

Q: What tools do I need to do a cord removal?

A: You don’t need any tools, but you can have any sacred objects that you feel will aid in your personal energy work. These objects can include your favorite crystals or stones, a prayer blanket, statues of your favorite deity, or any other object that you hold dear. You may also use a variety of essential oils, sprays, or smudges (sweetgrass, sage, palo santo) or incense if it feels right for you to do so. 

Q: What if I don’t fully trust my intuition enough to do this process? 

A: No worries. I have loads of resources for you about intuition and how you can begin to truly trust your intuition. Check out my blog for the resources or click here to check out my Intuition 101 Program. You can also hire a healer who specializes in cord removal to do this service for you.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, cord removal is one of the quickest ways to clear out old energy blockages and shift to a more empowering experience. To help you remove cords there are two options below this blog. The first option is to download my free gift for you. In this free gift, I share with you simplified version of cord removal. The second option is to book a private session with me, in which I will remove the cords for you. 

Once you incorporate this practice into your daily life, you’ll see just how impactful and beneficial it can be, and you’ll understand the true freedom that comes with removing energy cords regularly.  

In deepest gratitude, 


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