the quantum field contains an infinite number of timelines and possibilities

the moment of creation ~ The Big Bang

putting into motion a new reality/timeline


Quantum BLISS Activation (Also known to as “Quantum Jumping”) collapses old timelines and codings in your energy field and quantum matrix. Activates new Earth codes to create new timelines of reality and then stabilizes the Quantum Bliss Codes for an instant shift in your life and reality.

With these new codes activated in your quantum matrix, you will no longer need to operate from a place of lack, scarcity or “hard”.

This instantly activates a new timeline of reality for you, so you will experience an instant shifting of your reality.


Right now you are operating on a timeline that started when you were born. Your past thoughts, actions and experiences have moved you along this timeline.

The world is ascending at a faster and faster rate and the old patterns and thought forms are no longer relevant.

Have you ever wanted to change something but no matter what you did, you just couldn’t change or shake that old story or reality.

This happens because you are stuck in an old timeline.

One that no longer serves you.

The Quantum BLISS Activation clears and collapses these old timelines and instantly shifts you to a new track or timeline.


During the Quantum BLISS Activation the “switch” gets activated, within your quantum field, and literally moves you to a new timeline.

This is just like a train going down a track that is rerouted to a new destination.

One moment that train is headed to Cincinnati and in the flip of a switch it is now going to San Diego.

That is exactly what the Activation does for you.

Because of this instant shift, you can begin operating from your new timeline immediately after your Quantum BLISS Activation.


Before your first session I will give you detail instructions on how to do this.

Check out what some of my clients have to say about this process.


“This is truly the most powerful experience I’ve ever had. I felt the shift instantly during the Quantum BLISS Activation session.  I’m seeing instant tangible changes in my life and habits right away. There is no room or need for ego or over thinking anymore.

Does having one QBA work? My tastebuds seriously changed in one session!! I now workout after one session!  My relationships shifted in one session!!

This blows the lid off of everything I’ve ever done before. Mind blowing is an understatement.

This isn’t for everyone. This is for someone who knows forsure what they really want. I absolutely love it.”

~ Kahle Bontjes

“I was stuck in old patterns for YEARS. Nothing I did changed or fully shifted it. This bliss technique most certainly did! I’m now living in my new timeline and making choices from there instead of where I was. It’s one thing knowing the right choices you should make, it’s a whole other thing to be able to make them! My new choices feel so aligned and Terrifically easy.

I would definitely recommend this to others! This shift is in orders of magnitude greater than previous ones I’ve experienced!“

~ Betty Tanner

“I feel so in flow! This is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

I can definitely feel the shifts in my mindset and what I’m doing. Love this! Can’t wait to dig deeper in this with you!”

~ Tanya Spirit


Once your initial timeline is created and you understand how quickly you can shift from one timeline to another. You can layer timelines together or start over completely.

In the Quantum field there are an infinite number of possibilities.

Because of this, there are an infinite number of timelines you can work with.

Many of my clients choose to create an initial timeline and then layer upon it over time.

Or tweak a new timeline to refine your new reality.

The possibilities are endless.


Sessions begin with a 60 min phone conversation where you share with me the first thing you would like to dissolve, get rid of and collapse in your timeline.

You will then state what you want to bring into your new timeline.

Then we will hang up and the rest is done remotely.

During the remote part of  the session I will go in and collapse the current timeline and activate your new timeline.

This is an Instant Shift in your life and your reality.

As mentioned above, in the train metaphor, you’ll still be in the train but on a different track to a different destination.


After the session you are IN your new timeline.

Old ways of doing things will no longer work.

You will need to “Act As If” what you declared as your new timeline to be true.

You’re not pretending, because you are truly in a new timeline.

Because the shift is instant, you will notice that you will need to relearn how to do certain things and find creative ways to approach your new life.

Your choices and decisions will now be made from a totally new timeline and coding in your quantum matrix.

Quantum BLISS
Activation Single Session

Single 60 Minute Phone Session
PDF Instructions of Before & After care
& Quantum BLISS Activation

30 Day QBA w/ Private Coaching

Three Quantum BLISS Activations
Four Private Phone Sessions
PDF of Before & After Care
& Daily Private Coaching


Q: How is the Quantum BLISS Activation different than the Ascension work you’ve offered previously? 

A: The work I’ve previously offered only anchored in source energy, then it was up to the person to call upon and direct the energy. The Quantum BLISS Activation (QBA) works directly in the Quantum matrix and is merged with BLISS energy, new Earth codes and new timelines to create a powerful new energy in your life. BLISS energy is the energy of creation, so it is source energy that is directed into a new timeline. Because of this, there is no need for you to constantly be directly the energy daily because you are IN a new reality. A new timeline.

Q: I have gotten others types of energy work done in the past and found that that energy was either very chaotic and caused a lot of upheaval in my life or I didn’t feel anything at all. Will the same happen with this? 

A: NO! This will NOT cause the chaos. In fact, you are in charge of the timeline you create in your QBA. Once you create your initial timeline you can also layer new codes into it as often as you need to.

When you receive your QBA you will immediately be in your new timeline and can begin living in it. So there is no transition time, no chaos and no stuck energy. My clients who have gotten their QBA’s have loved the instant positive shift this has created in their lives.

Q: What makes this different than other healing modalities? 

A: Other healing modalities are anchored in ancient teachings and ancient energies.  The Planet earth is ascending and elevating, chaos is the frequency of the past. The New Earth is synced with the Starseed and Quantum matrix so we can tap into it and collapse old timelines instantly. No other modality offers this. 

Q: When can I get this and how long does it take?

A: You can click the links on this page and book your session right away! The session itself takes 60 minutes and you will see results immediately.

“Hi Flora

Just thought I would follow up on my crazy transformation. I honestly cannot even BELIEVE how things have changed.

On July 30th, we did the quantum bliss activation. Within a few hours, I started noticing random things in my life had slightly shifted. I felt a little unsteady at first, but within the day I felt accustomed to it.

At the start of July, my workplace began training me to do another job. Today, I asked my boss for a transfer to the city my children live and they agreed within the hour. I start there Nov 4th.

In the past few weeks, ALL the feelings and unresolved emotional turmoil with the person we discussed has vanished.

Besides that, my mom’s terminal illness has stabilized so much, her specialist told her not to come back to see him for 9 months. Before, she was seeing him every 3!!!!

Everything we talked about shifting during our session HAS HAPPENED! Your connection to source and ability to collapse old timelines is nothing short of sensational…life-altering…miracle-inducing…relief bringing, pure, positive joyzilla!!!!!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you with all my heart ❤

My heart is full of joy, thanks to you and your Peeps. Please thank them for me, too. ❤

All my heart,

S. S. ❤

 – – –